Thursday, August 4, 2011

New York Day 4, The Unique Faces and Places.

Today I actually managed to get a few shots of the people of New York City. I don't want to take pictures of the cliche and obvious things this city has to offer, I want to capture things out of the ordinary! I want my readers (if there are any..) to view this city from a different perspective. In order to truly capture the spirit of this city, I would need much longer than my short week and a half..... but im trying my best and having a blast!





Every person has a story. We so often forget that every person rushing past us on the street has a unique life. They are coming from somewhere, and going somewhere.... sometimes I just wish I knew where.
As an actress, these stories intrigue me!



I finally got two pictures of people!!! Yay! I have had a blast trying to capture different aspects of this fascinating city! If anyone wants to see something specific, let me know. If not, then I will keep posting completely random pictures and sharing my even more random thoughts!

Thanks for reading :)

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  1. So awesome ! I didn't know you had a blog ! Your blog is like a mini Sydney travel to go picker uppers ! Keep posting I will be reading them and telling people !