Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New York day 3, From The Studio To The Streets.

I spend most of today in a beautiful dance studio with huge windows that overlook the city. As I was dancing, I would glance over to the windows and suddenly get a chill of excitement as I remembered that I was dancing in New York City! Its a performers dream!

These pianos have been played by New York's best pianists, accompanying broadways biggest stars.... that blows my mind! 

Sometime the reflection is more vibrant than the original......


After dancing and singing for hours, I headed out onto the streets to see Sister Act on broadway. I was clicking my camera the entire time, and came across a few very interesting subjects for my photo obsession.




You would have to be a very brave person to ride a bike in this city.... cab drivers are vicious!

Im sure there are a ton of interesting buildings, people, and studios for me to capture through my lens, so please keep reading :) Thanks! 


  1. I really love the last one!! All incredible syd :D

  2. Dear Miss Sydney,
    I love looking at the crisp lines and the warm light you captured! So glad you posted the link on fb. Please say hello to my precious friend.