Sunday, August 18, 2013

The de Jong Family Portraits

         Earlier this summer, I had the privilege of photographing the de Jong family. Its a rare occasion to photograph such a kind and beautiful family. They had a blast being together, which made my job  easy! The shoot was full of laughing, teasing, and joking and I enjoyed every moment of it.

         Unfortunately, when I was about 10 minutes away from the de Jong's beautiful home it started POURING down rain. My heart immediately sunk as I had plained on a completely outdoor session. But we decided to roll with the punches, and the de Jong's home was full of fun little spots that worked perfectly during this rainy day. About half way through the shoot the rain stopped, so we were able to capture the sunny and green images I'd imagined! Everything worked out wonderfully, I learned a lot about changing plans on a moments notice, and we ended up with a great variety of shots! Enjoy....

Thats it for the family photos... BUT Jess's Boyfriend Tim also happened to be at the shoot so I got to snap a few couples portraits of them. They are just an insanely beautiful couple, but more than that they are both kind, loving, and talented! I love the way these portraits turned out!

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