Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Melancholy That Follows the Rain.

Shooting in the rain sounds like it would be fun.... but its a little more difficult than expected. Raegan was shivering by the time we finished, and my lens was fogged up and covered in smudges. I had a plastic bag tapped to the hood of my lens so it would stay on and protect my camera, and Raegan was amazing as I asked her to walk through the woods... barefoot... while it rained! Was this shoot difficult? Yes! But it was also a blast, and I am thrilled with some of the shots we got! I love having such a beautiful sister who will go on adventures with me! 

So now, lets talk about the inspiration behind this shoot. RAIN! I absolutely love rain, and I love when the sky is just one big cloud. On the day of the shoot the sky was completely white and I just had to do a shoot with that gorgeous and erie sky as the backdrop! I wanted the images to have a very haunting and dark feel, inspired by the rich colors of the trees and the misty affects of rain and clouds. Rae and I found an outfit unlike anything we had ever seen, she teased her hair and we set off! Like I've said, I am really excited about these images and raegan did a wonderful job modeling for her crazy sister who wanted to shoot in the rain! 

I hope you enjoy what you see! 




Rain1 -1





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