Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Hats Off To You.

Vintage clothes, an adorable hat, a wooded backyard, a quilt, and a camera were all I needed to find inspiration for these portraits. I interned at my church this past summer and two of the girls that I interned for came over to do a shoot with me!  Harmony was my beautiful model for the day, and Cassidy who is an aspiring photographer also came along to shoot and learn. I am not very eloquent at explaining things, but I tried my best to teach Cassidy through this shoot. I have to admit that it was nice to have someone else holding my reflector. I have become very accustomed to the duties of an assistant.  Cassidy got some beautiful shots and it was so fun working with these precious girls.

Anyways, I love the way these images turned out and I hope you enjoy what you see. There are certain things that I've been dying to try, and this shoot was a fun opportunity to just try new things out. As Cassidy and Harmony discovered, I get way too excited over the smallest things but I just love being behind the camera. I love every moment of a photo shoot, and these girls made this one especially fun! I hope you enjoy my work, because I had a blast working on every image here!











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