Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day One On The Streets of New York.

New York City is one of a kind. You either love it or you hate it. I happen to absolutely love it! This city is always moving, always progressing, and always seems to smell a little like yesterdays trash. The streets are constantly crowded with people in a hurry to get somewhere, and women have mastered the art of walking 30 blocks in heals! I am constantly taking pictures as I walk the streets of New York City, and I hope to capture a little of the beauty of this city while I am here for the next week and a half!







I was walking down the street, and suddenly stopped because I loved the contrast in the old and the new buildings.

New York City is filled with vibrant colors, people of all types, and buildings of all shapes and sizes. Its a photographers paradise, and I cant wait to explore this city and share my findings! 

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  1. Every photo shows very vividly the life in New York City and are really incredible photos. My favorite is the 3rd...I think it shows a deep level of texture due to the differences between the buildings, the power lines and the building it's self. Those differences allow for each individual item to be greatly enhanced. Really incredible Syd :)